YouTube To Get Premium Music Service [News]


Google is going to build YouTube into its existing paid-for music offerings. It’s got the makings of a confusing package, but could bring some added value over existing services.

Nothing’s officially confirmed yet, but the Android Police website has some leaked screenshots which have got people piecing together the puzzle. It appears the existing Google Play “All Access” Service will be rebranded as Google Play Music Key. The new service will be named YouTube Music Key.

It also seems that both services will be covered by a single $9.99 a month subscription with a 30 day trial. That implies existing All Access subscriptions will transfer to the new service, but again that isn’t confirmed.

The YouTube side of the package will differ from previous offerings in three ways:

  • It will include ad-free video playback rather than just audio versions. On mobile apps, you’ll be able to play the clips in background audio-only mode as well, presumably meaning you use less data. You’ll also be able to download clips for offline viewing.
  • Rather than only covering standard official music videos, the catalogue will include live concert videos, fan-shot concert footage that’s been licensed by the artist concerned, and remix videos.
  • The service will use YouTube’s recommendation algorithm as well as playlist suggestions.

It sounds like something that could make Google’s premium music package more attractive to the most dedicated music fans, but having two services running at the same time (even if covered by one subscription) could make the marketing difficult.

[Image credit: Android Police]

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