Han To Shoot First On Blu-ray?

According to Comicbook.com, Disney plans to release the original Star Wars trilogy on Blu-ray in its original, non-special edition form. Whether anyone believes that is another matter.

For its part, the site says that “two independent reliable sources” say:

According to our sources, Disney has plans to release the original cut of the Star Wars trilogy on Blu-ray. Our sources indicate that the project has been under way for quite some time, but it’s been challenging because of some damage to the original negatives they are utilizing. The goal is to release A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of Jedi in their complete, unaltered, original form without the redone special edition SFX.

The sources also said the goal is for a release before Episode VII hits the movie theaters.

So what do we reckon GaS fans? New Hope or No Hope?


10 Responses to Han To Shoot First On Blu-ray?

  1. I would actually like to have a 1997 special edition blu-ray release (pre-DVD). The original is ok and all, but really starts to look it’s age and has its flaws due to budget restrictions. The first special edition made some subtle additions, nice balance.

  2. To be honest (and I realize I’m probably in the minority in this), other than Han not shooting first (and somehow managing to dodge a blaster bolt fired from two feet in front of him, simultaneously giving Greedo aim that makes stormtroopers look like expert marksmen) and young ghost Anakin (I’ve heard the reasoning, but it still makes no sense), I have no problems with the Special Edition version of the movies. I would much rather have a Special Edition version of the movies with those two items fixed than having the original cut back.

    • From what we know of George Lucas, I would assume the contract of sale prevents Disney from releasing the special addition without those two elements. But not from releasing the movies on Blu-Ray themselves.

  3. From what I’ve read about this on other sites, Fox owns the distribution rights to Star Wars until 2020, and they keep distribution rights to A New Hope forever.

  4. The first 6 Star Wars files are owned by FOX. Disney has no control over them unless they buy the rights from Fox.

  5. I bought these on VHS in the early 90’s. I bought the Special Edition in the late 90’s. I bought these on DVD in 2008. I bought these on blu ray in 2011. I just can’t do this anymore. Call me when VII-IX come out.

  6. The original versions also had cooler music. Both the epic tunes cantina and the ewok victory song were replaced. Just not the same