Humans Need Not Apply [Video]

CGP Grey, who has some great YouTube clips explaining often complex subjects, has put together a new video discussing the pros and cons of automation for human society. At 15 minutes it’s longer than his usual work, but this allows him to go into more depth and it’s certainly thought-provoking.

Be sure to check out the original YouTube post for a full list of links to relevant resources.


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  1. Classical music is very mathematical by nature, so programming a bot to “compose” some classical-like music isn’t that hard to understand. When they start making rock, jazz and filk music then I’ll believe in artificial creativity.

  2. Some brainstorming:
    A solution may be in future to look at jobs differently.
    As no longer being what defines you or something everyone has, a value of its own. The US may already be closer to that than many European countries!
    In a way automation is the end to the capitalism as we know it.
    We already can see how we currently try to cope with it: google for “bullshit jobs”. This is a necessity since we currenlty can’t replace enought jobs so nobody has to work (or few enough people that would do it just for the fun) and we need an incentive to get the still necessary work done. And what is the incentive to get people to work?
    Money… but if you get a capitalistic system in which nobody has jobs: What will happen? Nobody knows … there seem to be theories that think bubble economy is one symptom of these weakening binding between human work and capital imposed by automation. An unconditional basic income is till now the only solution I have heard of (financed by some tax on automation).
    But that is just the terms used in a money based system for the problem that capitalism or money may be not fit to solve. Think of StarTrek, that may be the direction we are heading.

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