Presenting the TMNT/NES Party Wagon [Pics]


There aren’t many things more reminiscent of the late 1980s than Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the Nintendo Entertainment System. Now one fan has merged the two.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has put a fully-functioning NES inside a TMNT Party Wagon toy:

The head lights and passenger compartment light up, the guns, radar, and armored windshield are moveable and removable, new ‘glass’ windows, new steering wheel, and more.

The power and audio/video cables plug into jacks mounted on the back of the van. The POWER and RESET buttons are located on top just in front of the TOP LOADING cart slot. The controller ports are built into the side door.

Leonardo is at the wheel while Michelangelo eats pizza and plays with his nunchucku sitting shotgun.

Matching custom painted controllers with unique overlays mimic the design and color palette of the van. The paint is all professional automotive base coat clear coat system. The clear coat was color sanded and buffed just like you would do on a show car!


Check out Ryan’s Facebook page for more pictures and a look at another project, a backlit custom NES that displays the image of the Turtles in the dark.