Amnesty International Uses Tinder To Raise Awareness [Link]


Whether you’re on the dating scene or not, you may be aware of the dating app Tinder which has a remarkably simple system: you see photos of potential matches in your area, swipe left to reject and right to approve, and get put in contact with anyone where you’ve mutually swiped right.

Amnesty International has now detailed a campaign it ran earlier this year, with Tinder’s permission, to use the app to highlight the plight of women in forced marriages:

When users logged on to the app they saw profile pictures displaying messages such as, “Not all women have the power to choose like you do” and “You pick your partner. Many women aren’t given the choice.”

Despite not being able to track the exact number of participants, Amnesty International had thousands more click-throughs to their website and members signed up in their hundreds.

Full story:


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