Are You Concerned About Ebola? Here’s a Helpful Flowchart [Pic]

Since everyone seems to be freaking out about ebola on social media these days, here’s a helpful flowchart to help you decide whether you are at risk or not.


[Maggie Koerth-Baker on Twitter | IO9]


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  1. The CDC has proven to be incompetent or corrupt in losing small pox, deadly strains of influenza, bird flu, anthrax, sars, but we are supposed to trust them with ebola containment? So the author should “Please shut the f*** up” and realize that lab technicians are humans and humans are fallible. Flying in these Peace Corp people is simply idiotic when you can setup a sterile environment in Africa instead for treatment.

    • I agree with you completely. I live just inside Alabama, we’re less than 3 hours drive time from the CDC (which isn’t where they’re being taken) and under 2 hours from Emory Hospital (which IS where they’re being taken) The part of this that worries me most is the fact that Emory is not listed as having a proper BL-4 (Bio-hazard safety Level 4) setup. There are only 2 BL-4 equipped labs in Georgia, and neither is at Emory. Ebola is a virus that is only properly secured in a BL-4 environment. People should really read The Hot Zone (link here: Its about just this thing happening outside D.C. in 1989.

  2. Today you worry about ebola and tomorrow you’ll be hit by a car, just celebrate the life you have, you won’t have a second chance.

  3. I wonder if Europeans said the same thing about the early signs of plague. Luckily we have a government we can always trust to do the smart thing. Of course more veterans have died at the hands of the VA then have been killed by the CDC mishandling deadly diseases, yet. Given that there is a 21 day incubation period, by the time you know that you’ve been in contact with a victim (who appears at first to have flu-like symptoms), you have contacted dozens of others. and the outbreak has begun. There have been plagues in the past. If doctors and medical workers knew how to contain this, we wouldn’t have infected doctors and medical workers that have to be brought back for treatment to this nearly certain fatal communicable disease.

  4. Not been on ‘Geeks are Sexy’ for a few months due to various reasons and the first time I do i see this: it confirms that like everyone: Some Geeks can be stupid.

    We should be worried about Ebola as it has a long incubation period, has a high mortality rate hence the number of people who could be infected could be large from one person.

  5. If you have read any studies, ebola has spread from infected animals to non-infected animals without any direct contact with the bodily fluids of the infected animals. The hypothesis is that large droplets of fluid from the infected animals traveled through the air to the non-infected animals thereby infecting them. This is the hypothesis, but the scientists are not sure if this is how it happened. Technically this form of transmission is not considered airborne, but if this is how it happened think of what could happen with an infected person on a plane. This meme is incorrect and misleading. Bringing ebola patients into the US is a colossal bad idea. This is not the normal strain of ebola that scientists have been dealing with for decades. It is a whole new strain and nobody can be sure what kind of differences they may see.

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