San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2014 Cosplay in Pictures: The Final Day [Photo Gallery]


Noooooo, San Diego Comic-Con 2014 is already over! We’ve posted photo galleries for all previous days, and now, here’s the one for Sunday. A massive thank you to Nick Acott for covering the event for us! If you’re looking for an awesome and dedicated photographer and live in the UK, Nick is always looking for work! I’ve also included a few creative commons-licensed pictures from the always awesome Pat Loika and Howie Muzika to complete the gallery. Thank guys! [Previous Galleries: SDCC 2014 – Friday | SDCC 2014 – Saturday]

[Photo: Geeks are Sexy | Pat Loika | Howie Muzika]

21 Responses to San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2014 Cosplay in Pictures: The Final Day [Photo Gallery]

    • The biggest gathering of fake geeks are the people who comment on these articles claiming the people in the photos don’t have enough “geekdom” to earn their way into claiming a geek. You sir are nothing but a hipster upset that other people like the same thing you do.

      I used to be proud of being a geek. The beauty of being a geek was there was no box and no qualifications to meet. You can be a huge fan of anime and know nothing of computers, a huge fan of computers and know nothing of star trek. As long as you were passionate about something you were cool with us and all were welcoming. Now these hipsters snobs are painting us in a bad light because they think they are more elite. I personally don’t care if you have only seen on Deadpool comic and want to dress up like him the next day. Welcome to the wonderful world of comics! Glad to see your passion.

      And if you want to check my credentials, I have programmed in dozens of languages over my last decade. Hope I fit into your click of geekdom /sarcasm.

      • I absolutely agree with you, HackTheGibson! You didn’t have to have some kind of checklist filled out to sit with us at the geek table. All you needed was to share our enthusiasm in *something!* Granted, it helped if you shared one of the interests we commonly spoke about, but if you were that high school jock who was just gonzo over Pokémon, hey, welcome to the discussion!

  1. @HackTheGibson its not a checklist but its a measurement of intelligence. some one who reads a dozen comics is not a real geek. i find that people who defend these people are themselves not worthy to be called a true geek.

  2. My geekness is greater than anyone else’s geekness. No one is as worthy as I! You shall bow to my geekness now. Anyone who is not me is not worthy of the title Geek. Hence forth all lower levels that were formally consider geeks shall now be called zippdy-dos.

  3. Hi guys, just a little shameless self promotion here, my 2014 San Diego Comic-Con cosplay video:

    I would however like to chime in on the subject. In my experience working with the cosplayers, these “fake geeks” take a lot of time and effort, work, studying, and education to be able to put these things together. A lot of them try to make the costumes movie accurate, or some people like to put their own creative interpretation of the cosplays. To do that requires intense dedication, love, and passion, and the risk of criticisim for putting themselves out there and exposed to judgement from the likes of people behind the keyboard. So to call THEM names, to call THEM fake, to call THEM anything offensive is not cool and goes against everything that it means to be a geek.

  4. These cosplay look AMAZING. Are they sponsored costumes cause not even the cosplay I see Akihabara looks this polished (Besides the sponsored ones).

    Don’t troll me anti geeks and geeks alike. I’ve just never personally seen such UBER costumes in person before.

  5. Cosplay and geeks should be separated either your a cosplayer or a geek don’t mix and match or better look up the definition of geek in the oxford dictionary.
    next you will say some one who dresses as barbie is a geek because oh she is dedicated to looking like a doll and she looks so accurate and made the costume herself. I

  6. There are two definitions in the Oxford Dictionary:

    1. An unfashionable or socially inept person. This Barbie cosplayer could be fashionable (even this is grey area because Barbie goes in and out of style all the time), or could be totally unfashionable by wearing something totally out of ‘fashion’. She could also potentially be totally inept even if she is wearing sexy fashionable clothing. To think you could possibly be able to judge this person or anyone for that matter by a picture, is pretty silly.

    2. A knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast. By definition, if this Barbie cosplayer went out of her way to be knowledgeable and obsessive about being a Barbie cosplayer, that is by definition, a geek. If she could describe even in small detail the Barbie measurements, bust to hip to waist ratios, history of Barbie, past and present social stigmas of Barbie, and maybe describe what she loves or hates about Barbie and why she continues to be a fan and why she would even cosplay to begin with, would that not count as being a “geek”? How do we know that a cosplayer is or is not obsessive about whatever it is they are cosplaying? I’m obsessive about TMNT and Transformers, and I still haven’t cosplayed. Does that make me less of a geek?

    I recently watched this interview with Jessica Nigri:

    This made me more of a fan of her than ever. Prior to 2009, she was just a regular girl that gave cosplay a try. She was a socially awkward little girl that was had all the same fears that any young girl has. She just so happened to hit a cosplay jackpot by portraying a character in a way that was very well received and she embraced it with open arms and the rest is history. Sure she is using her sexual appeal to further her fame, but isn’t that part of it all? Isn’t this website called, “”? From her interview, she mentions how she grew up and loved all the same things we all do, Pokemon, Anime, etc. How does being sexy or in a sexual cosplay diminish a person’s geekiness? How can you possibly judge a person’s geekiness solely by a single picture of them in a costume?

    • Thanks. That was an interesting video. I have seen her at a few cons but she was always famous I felt like. Always good to hear how others get started.

  7. My geekness is greater than anyone else’s geekness. No one is as worthy as I! You shall bow to my geekness now. Anyone who is not me is not worthy of the title Geek. Hence forth all lower levels that were formally consider geeks shall now be called zippdy-dos.

  8. Please STOP feeding Yaya’s already inflated ego. I hate how she is plastered on everything relating to every con and every cosplay event. She is rude and egotistical. It’s ridiculous how she thinks she’s famous enough to need security when walking around when people at comic-con had no idea who she was. She does not represent the entire cosplay community and wish websites and youtube channels would focus on others who are good at cosplaying instead of ALWAYS having her face plastered on everything. She gets a lot of things commissioned and doesn’t even make most things herself.

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