Gun Perspective in FPS Games Doesn’t Make any Sense [Comic]


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  1. Um… have you ever shot a gun? You don’t hold it with your arm straight down and then a 90 degree bend at the elbow… you’ll never hit anything.

  2. As funny as this comic is. I don’t know of any FPS game where the external view of a player with a gun, is holding it that far down. Let’s take the long running Call of Duty series. If you look at Multiplayer, the opponents have the gun near their face like they are looking down the gun sights or scope. And on other games like Time Splitters and others. I have tested this by pointing the gun right at the face of the other player, and on their screen, it looks like they are looking down the barrel. So the camera must be around the eye area.

    • It depends on the game. Team Fortress 2 has a console command that removes the player perspective weapon and lets you see where you’re really holding it. Sometimes you can’t even see the weapon.

      • In the first Counterstrike, and up until Condition Zero, as well as in Team Fortress Classic, your FPS hands were only rendered for you. wherever you see yourself holding it or reloading or anything, others didn’t see the same thing. I was kind of disappointed to learn that.

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