The Social Media Generation [Comic]

A fantastic comic by Melbourne, Australia-based cartoonist Gavin Aung Than that points to a very real problem our society is experiencing today. Check out the comic below and let us know if you agree or disagree with it in the comments below. For me, the last panel was particularly disturbing!


[Source: Zen Pencils]

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  1. It seems that people would rather be anywhere but where they are, with anybody but the ones they’re with, doing anything but what they’re doing.

    Many times there has been the urge to just stop people and tell them to be where they’re at, ‘in the moment’ if you will. (this often includes the urge tho M-F them as well)

    The final panel is a bit disturbing, but the truth, when pointed out bluntly enough for people to get it, is often quite disturbing.

  2. I visited the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland and people were looking down on their phones. you’re in on of the most beautiful places on earth and you really feel the need to tweet about. why don’t you put the phone away and look around.

    • No, because it’s removing people from being in the moment, actually interacting with the world around them, that’s what makes it bad. that’s part of the big campaign to stop people from texting while driving.

      • Right! I coudn’t agree more! It’s just like how e-mails removed people from being in the moment of writing a letter and sending it to a friend, or how telephones removed people from the world around them by making it so they didn’t have to walk over to their neighbors house. Or how records were part of the big campaign to stop children from learning how to play their own musical instruments, and how newspapers separated us from each other because we no longer have to listen to the town crier. In fact, social media is a lot like the invention of writing. Socrates himself bemoaned that the advent of writing thoughts down on paper would cause future generations to become slack, lazy, and poor thinkers since they would no longer need to remember everything at once.

        You are right, we are fundamentally different from past generations now. Social media makes us so much worse. It’s not that we don’t like it because it’s new, it’s genuinely bad for us. Like every new major invention, paradime shift, and advance in human understanding has made life worse.

        But on a serious note, people like you and whoever made this comic make me sick. Every decade is better than the one before it, exponentially. Things change, but change doesn’t mean its bad. There are still bad people in the world – those parents would have ignored their kids whether they had to use their phones, a Walkman, newspapers, or just simply ignoring children who ‘should not speak unless spoken to’. And it’s the fact that the man is a bad person that makes him as he is in the last panel which gave the original poster here found so ‘disturbing’. A smart phone is a tool, like any other. We can choose to call 911, health and human services, attempt to help someone who appears to be ODing … or we can ignore it and post on facebook/write a news article/write a letter or diary entry about it. Our tools have changed, humanity has not. Don’t blame those who still suck on the tools they use, but rather focus on how much better things have gotten with what those who care have been able to do with their tools.

  3. I don’t have a twitter account and I rarely make new posts on FB unless I really have something to say. I do occasionally reply to stuff my friends post and I do occasionally click the like link. I also do not own a cell phone, so I must be one of the few who I’d say that comic doesn’t really apply to.

  4. You people are depressing. I put my phone down when I’m with friends or family. I post funny statuses because I like to make people laugh. I check the news while I’m on a bus because I care about what’s happening in the world I share. I text my friends because I like talking to them and I can’t always be in the same room as them.

    The biggest problem I’ve seen spawned from social media is this new elitist culture of anti-technology hipsters who threaten to delete their Facebook account once a month. Yes. if you constantly post pictures of yourself and your food, then you are after attention. But, if you constantly post about how you are better or more enlightened than those people, you are ALSO after attention. Times change. Don’t like it? Move to a third world country… but you won’t, because you rely on social media and modern technology in general as much as the next person. You’re just more pretentious about it.

  5. There are many people who rely on social media for social needs. I think it’s quite insightful. I think what’s portrayed is a negative stereotype.

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