Fast Food Ads vs. Reality Experiment [Video]

From MediocreFilms:

Why does fast food look so much better in ads than in reality? We returned sad-looking food at McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and Jack in the Box to see if they actually could make their food look like it does in their own pictures!

[MediocreFilms | Via Neatorama]


13 Responses to Fast Food Ads vs. Reality Experiment [Video]

  1. This is very true. I honestly have yet to see any food product look as claimed. I guess this could be due to the establishment, or simply it just is false advertising.

  2. It’s very true? Did you look at the actual video or just reply, because in the video if remade, they actually look pretty similar (ok, not the same, cause its lighting and cardboard and collorings, but still pretty nice)

  3. maybe a national thing; while not a regular of fast food joints (after all, as Sir PTerry writes you encounter Slow fast food) it usually does look like the illustration on the illuminated sign in the UK…

  4. For some reason, I find that chicken sandwiches usually come out closer to the pictures than beef. That goes for all fast food places I’ve eaten at too.

  5. So what I picked up on in that video was not the difference between the picture and the reality… but the segment where he asked for two taco’s for 99 cents and was then charged $1.08. You Americans and your prices without tax included. *shake head*

    • every state has a different sales tax, so while its likely there are some places where those tacos are indeed 99 cents, there are others where its 1.08, or perhaps 1.15, or some other cost based on local taxation. and while i wont make such a blanket statement as “its ok, we can do math(s) here,” i will say that we americans are super savvy when it comes to factoring in both the amount and the merit of taxation.

  6. The difference is that the pictures in the ads are made by $200 an hour food sculptors who takes a full hour or more to make it perfect. The food you get on your tray was made by a minimum wage, wage slave who would rather be doing almost anything else, and has to make yours and 11 others every 5 minutes if he wants to qualify for a 25 cent raise 4 months from now.