X-Men Characters: Cartoons vs. Movies [Pics]



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    • Stryker’s son I don’t think was in the cartoon (the guy with two different colored eyes in the wheelchair)? The woman on top of Storm, who is that?, and I don’t remember her in any movie?

      I also don’t remember Multiple Man, but I guess that was X3…meh.. Also the guy on top of Multiple Man, who the heck is that supposed to be again? Huh? Lastly, the guy on top of Ice man, don’t know who that is as well.

      • Woman above Storm is Snow Fox. The person above Multiple Man is Maverick also known as Agent 13. The person above Ice Man is Henery Gyrich who is a government official that works for the NSA.

  1. Silver Fox, not Snow Fox. And although he wasn’t specifically named, Stryker’s son Jason shared a first name with Mastermind (Jason Wyngard) and identical illusion casting abilities so it’s not that big of a stretch.

  2. I can’t stand when they automatically just put someone in a black leather jumpsuit. I understand you can’t make the costume exactly like the comic book version but at least use it for inspiration. Just a plain black jumpsuit looks just as dumb as whatever their comic books spandex is.