Star Wars Episode VII Movie Poster [Pic]


Sorry geeks, this isn’t the official thing, but mockup by artist Old Red Jalopy done at the request of MTV news. It features all 13 announced cast members impersonating their respective characters… as far as we know it.

[Source: MTV News | Via Neatorama]


14 Responses to Star Wars Episode VII Movie Poster [Pic]

  1. doesnt look professional but its not horrible like some of these idiots say. People are so negative.. god… I would love for any of you all talking all that crap to try and do at least something even near to it.

    • It’s not about having the ability to do it. Everyone can have an opinion since they’re the audience for either book, artwork or movie. Still people should at least give a reason if they want to discuss it. If not IMO its just lazy ranting.

    • You don’t have to be an artist to know what you like/dislike, nor do you have to be an artist to be a critique.

  2. Alright, I’m not liking the look of any of the new male characters….they all look like complete wimps.

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