Host a ‘Game of Thrones’ Fantasy Fantasy League!

Thanks to the good folks at Nerdist, there is now a Game of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy League! (You know, as if Game of Thrones wasn’t complicated and stressful enough.)


There are rules, draft sheets, and scoresheets, and for those of you have read the books, Nerdist encourages you to become the Game Master to keep the game running smoothly…and cheat-free.

Nerdist will also update the GoT Fantasy Fantasy rankings after every episode, as fast and as accurate as they can.

Here are the results from last Sunday’s season premiere, as calculated by game creator Andrew Nielson:

Week 1 – “Two Swords”

Arya Stark: 7 points

Sandor Clegane:  3 points

Olenna Tyrell:  2 points

Oberyn Martell: 1 point

Mance Rayder: -1 points

All other characters received a net score of zero points.

[via Nerdist]