JUST WHAT WE NEEDED: Sequels to ‘Incredibles,’ ‘Cars’

the incredibles

In case you can’t tell, my headline was meant to be sarcastic.

So, provided it’s good, I wouldn’t mind a sequel to The Incredibles. But Cars?! Pixar already made a sequel and it flopped. We already got three (stellar, admittedly) Toy Story movies, a decent Monsters, Inc. prequel, and a Finding Nemo sequel will be here soon.

Pixar will also be released 3D versions of Ratatouille and The Incredibles.

Disney announced this news at the annual Walt Disney shareholders meeting on Tuesday.

What do YOU think: Will you be seeing any of these sequels or re-releases? What do you think of all of them?

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7 Responses to JUST WHAT WE NEEDED: Sequels to ‘Incredibles,’ ‘Cars’

  1. If they can recapture even half of what made The Incredibles great, it’ll be worth watching a sequel. Overall they seem to be good at revisiting their old franchises (I’ll admit I haven’t seen Cars 2, but I liked the Monsters and Toy Story sequels better than the originals).

  2. Noooo! Not an other Cars!!! No offense to fans of it, but I am not one. It was just… so… predicable and kinda lazy to me. The Incredibles, though… I could give it a chance. I liked the first one.

  3. According to “By the Numbers”, Cars 2 grossed higher than the first Cars, for worldwide box office sales. Though Cars 2 has sold way less DVDs. Overall Cars 2 was still a huge money maker and in the end that is really all that matters when it comes to deciding to makes more in the franchise. I personally liked Cars 2. Not nearly as much as Cars. But I own both. I love The Incredibles. And while I am sure it won’t be as good as the first, as long as it is enjoyable, I will watch it and buy it. Which is the real goal here. Sure it won’t be a Toy Story franchise of huge success. But it doesn’t need to be. Just has to make money.

  4. I LOVE the original Incredibles. It is one of my favorite movies of the last several decades and I’ve been waiting for an Incredibles sequel since they did the little Underminer bit at the end of it. Surprised it took them so long!

  5. The Cars franchise has made over $10 Billion in merchandise alone. Regardless of how well the 3rd movie does at the box office, it’ll make its budget back and more from selling toys.

  6. I am a preteen and don’t want another Cars/Incredible movie… oh wait, no i’m not. Back off jaded nerds over 10 years old.

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