Super Creepy Makeup Transformations by Stephanie Fernandez [Pics]


We occasionally feature makeup artists on Geeks are Sexy, but I can’t recall seeing anything as creepy as these fantastic horror-inspired transformations by Stephanie Fernandez.

Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie Fernandez. I am 18-years-old and I am a self-taught, freelance makeup artist located in Shreveport, Louisiana. I have been doing makeup for four years and my makeup art varies from special effects/ fantasy to high fashion/beauty. Most of my makeup art is known to be creepy and colorful.









Stephanie also has plenty of other fantastic transformations over at her website, including many that aren’t as creepy as these ones, so be sure to check her out!

[Source: Stephanie Fernandez | Stephanie Fernandez on Facebook]

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  1. what is the point of putting on make-up if you’re getting your face painted?, why did she put on make-up on top of make-up?

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