The Phenomenal Photography of Jeff Zoet [Picture Gallery]

I’ve featured him a few times in the past, but today, when I stumbled on photographer Jeff Zoet’s Facebook page, I noticed that he had plenty of new material that I never posted. A few seconds after emailing him, Jeff, being the nice guy that he is, immediately told me that I could post whatever I wanted from his page. Now how awesome is that? :)

Jeff is currently for hire and lives in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. You can contact him via his Facebook page right here. Oh, and don’t forget to LIKE HIM as well while you’re there!


Marie-Claude Bourbonnais (Invisible Woman)
Jesska Edwards (Black Widow)
Averie (Hell-Girl)
Claire Anastasia (Daphne from Scooby-Doo)
Alyssa Loughran (Power Girl / female Punisher)

[Source: Jeff Zoet Photography]

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