Be Wary of Santa Cthulhu This Year [Pics]


Once again, Amy Rawson’s Santa Cthulhu is back this year, and if you’ve been bad in 2013, he may bring insanity into your mind.

Santa Cthulhu sits in his Octi-Sleigh, ready to deliver his bag full of squirmy presents to children all over the world. A shoggoth pulls Santa and his sleigh; why bother with eight tiny reindeer when one protoplasmic behemoth will do?

Santa sits about 11″ tall. The sleigh is 13″ long and 7″ tall. The shoggoth is about 8″ tall and 11″ long.



Santa Cthulhu is available for purchase via Amy’s etsy shop right here.

[Source: Thirdroar: The Art of Amy L. Rawson | Via Neatorama]

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