MUST WATCH: Sweethearts of the Galaxy Launches on YouTube


After a year in the planning, and eight months after the close of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the new webseries Sweethearts of the Galaxy has launched with its first episode on YouTube. Written by Michael Premsrirat and directed by Dexter Adriano, Sweethearts is lighthearted comedy what-if, about Katelyn (Kit Quinn), a cosplayer who dresses up as the comic character of Galactic Ranger Trinity Infinity. While at a comic convention, she takes a fall while staging a stunt for an eager news-crew, knocking herself unconscious. When she recovers, she suddenly believes she really is Trinity Infinity, and the hijinks and adventure spreads from there.


The series was initially planned as a series of nine 10-minute episodes, featuring a complete story arc within the season. With the launch of the first episode (below), the later episodes are expected to come out every few weeks. Katelyn’s friends recreate comic book scenarios to help her through her daily life as they try to snap her back to reality. The series features cameos from a range of cosplayers, including Tallest Silver, Lola Binkerd, David Dickerson,¬†Tally Justine, Steven Meissner, Megan Alyse, LeAnna Vamp, and dozens more.

Speaking at their panel at the recent Comikaze Expo, ¬†Michael Premsrirat spoke about his gratitude at the outpouring of support both from the community for their Kickstarter effort, which wound up exceeding their goal of $35,000, as well as from industry professionals who have come in to join the project, ranging from music composer to editor Stephanie Goldstein (Grey’s Anatomy). “It took a lot more than donations from our parents to get us to where we are today,” said Michael to the room’s applause after the episode’s public premiere.

It’s a fun episode, and we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for future ones, but for now, kick back, put on your capes, and click play.

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