DORKLY Comic: “The 12 Types of ‘Doctor Who’ Fans”

In  honor of the 50th anniversary, which one are you?? Comic by the super awesome folks over at Dorkly.

12 DW fans title

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47 Responses to DORKLY Comic: “The 12 Types of ‘Doctor Who’ Fans”

  1. You forgot a few. *
    *There’s the Timeliner (a sub-cat of the Classic Who fan), who has encyclopedic knowledge of events and could work as a lexicon to keep Moffat on-track.
    *Donna-Versus-Rose Cult — self-explanatory
    *The Shippers
    *Genre Jumpers (these folks do mashups of totally non-related fictions and fandoms, like a fantasy football of the Whoniverse and everything you might find at a comic book convention)

  2. Yeah, im just a fan. Classic, new, baker, smith, doesn’t matter, its all fantastic. And its really not jntended for kids, full families yes but not kids. Moffat says all the time that its a show for every generation

  3. You forgot “Tennant-obsessed Fangirl” and “Ten-Rose Shippers.”

    I’m a Classic Who fan who also loves the new series.

  4. I like Martha because she was a good intellectual fit for the tenth doctor after Rose was gone. However, i also really like Donna’s humor and banter with the tenth. Amy was the perfect companion for the eleventh and I enjoyed her very much with him but i don’t know if she would have worked as well with any other doctor as she did with the eleventh.

  5. I’m confused, is there supposed to be something wrong with Martha? She was very cool. And what is with the Donna Noble haters in the comments? Gees, people can be very divisive over a television show that has so little to do with real life. Just enjoy the show, classic or newbies, Amy fans and Rose fans, we all have one thing in common. We all love the Doctor.

  6. I have to admit there are some companions I like more than others but I don’t like it when people choose one over another. The TARDIS chooses the doctor’s companions. She knows what she’s doing.

    Oh and there is one category you definitely forgot: People who want to marry David Tennant’s hair. IT IS THE MOST GLORIOUS HAIR

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