What Each Country Leads the World In [Pic]


A lot of people are going to feel a little insulted after looking at this map of what each country leads the world in according to the Doghouse Diaries (and plenty of other sources apparently). As far as I’m concerned, maple Syrup and Asteroid Impacts? Really? Nothing about lumberjacks, being overly polite, and mounted policemen?

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[Source: The Doghouse Diaries]

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  1. many facts that were not even checked at all, for example (sadly) my country, mexico is the number one in obesity, iceland isn’t number 1 on internet penetration, and how can they even consider “african cup of nations” if that’s not something any other country in the world can lead but only if in that continent?
    it doesn’t make it less interesting but less fact-informative

  2. Water polo for serbia?? Who won the Olympics 3 times in a row after 2000? Hungary!
    Who won the Word Championships in 2013? Hungary!!

  3. Well, ‘m guessing this was compiled by an American, as the US gets off pretty damn lightly in this. How about leading in most prisoners in the world (1/3rd of the global prison population is in the US)? Most rapes per head of population (majority of which on children under 18)? Most guns per head of population? Most troops in other countries?Most nuclear weapons used in war? Highest number of gun deaths in a non-war zone?
    Instead it’s “most people killed by lawnmowers”.

    • I don’t know if it was written my an American….I am an american and that whole thing about being killed by lawnmowers is rather strange. Now it they said something about riding drunk on lawnmowers than I could say yes or if it had something to do with being killed by guns than yes. But please don’t automatically blame an American for this “map”.There are a lot of dumb ass people out there in the entire world and any number of them could have written this up. Thanks.

    • Movements*

      Still, according to their ‘source’ on wikipedia, The U.S only has two of these movements less than the U.K. I would like to say however that most of these movements have gone unnoticed. This is a silly way to make a list. Looking up ‘which country eats the most hotdogs?’ or ‘which country has the most oil?’ then putting it on a map seems to be the least reliable way of doing this.

  4. Fascist Movements for the UK? Really? Ok, Ill buy it but only if someone can tell me why. Cos apparently the UK has some notoriety internationally that has gone unnoticed by the general populous… Is it to do with the monarchy? Is that the angle?

    Also, Nigeria, Yams, not civil unrest, corruption, piracy or oil? Nigeria officially has more piracy than Somalia now.

    Norway….Oil? Again?

    Iceland….Not fishing? Everything in Iceland revolves around fishing. Everything. Its on all of their coins for gods sake…

    Im also pretty sure S. Africa has the highest incidents of human lightning strikes, not Mexico.

    I thought this might be tongue in cheek at first but some seem jokey while others seen pretty straight up. I feel I may be missing a joke.

    • it’s got nothing to do with the monarchy and more to do with movements like the english defence league. also, fascism and racism in football probably?

  5. Jesus, they’ve cited a 2005 Quality of Life Index to source Ireland’s leading attribute. That’s 8 years ago, how much can an economy can change in that amount of time? A quick peruse over the internet will tell you we’ve dropped significantly to around 18th place. I don’t want to bash on my own country, but things got pretty rough around here after, you know, the recession and stuff. I’m sure they could have found something else. Most cows per capita, international breeding or somesuch.

  6. Sheep and Rugby? Sure, we win all the rugby, but I don’t think we’ve had the most sheep for years now. Surely in 2013 NZ is most known as a fertile source of Hobbits.

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