T-Shirt Size Distribution at a Linux Conference: 1999 vs 2008


I have no idea if this is true or not or where these stats are coming from, but Twitter user @kapravel recently tweeted this photo of some graphs showing the t-shirt size distribution of attendants at a Linux conference in 1999 and then in 2008. Apparently, according to my friend Alex over at the Neatoshop, this is a common trend among many online stores, which isn’t too reassuring considering the ever increasing weight of the North American population.

[@kapravel | Via Neatorama]


8 Responses to T-Shirt Size Distribution at a Linux Conference: 1999 vs 2008

  1. I’m 6’4″ (194 cm) and a Linux user. I also clock in at 187 lbs (85 kg). I would not wan to wear a medium shirt, and some shirts in large are too short for me.

    On the other hand, I am from Sweden and we don’t have the same issues as many americans have (although we’re getting closer to it).

  2. The sizing is different from one brand of shirt to the next too. In some brands medium shirts are just right for me, but are too tight around the chest and shoulders in other brands. Whereas most Large shirts are kind of baggy, but others are just right. Still, if they haven’t changed t-shirt supplier, that says something about how the community of Linux users is aging, and the general shape of the younger and newer users.

    IIRC, the most hardcore Linux users in 1999 were in their twenties and thirties, and so now are as old as their early fifties. A twenty-year-old can sit on his butt coding for a good chunk of the day and get away with it. Not so much if he does the same thing for the next fifteen years.

  3. In the past I bought L and XL simply because it was the most widely made shirt available. Getting a M was like first come first serve. I don’t think its a weight issue. When distributers give out T shirts and what not they purposely make more larger sizes than smaller ones. If someone small shows up and they have no smaller shirts, they either walk away or take the larger size. I mean, it’s not like you can’t shrink them in the wash or tie the bottom to make it fit better. Me, I used to do the popular thing in the 90’s. Take the front and tuck it into my jeans, let a little hang and leave the back out. No big deal really.

  4. my thoughts on this is that those people who attends are the same that are attending now and newer blood are on the decline, meaning attendees are old loyal followers at most and people are more interested with ios and android thing.