This Boba Fett Backpack Looks Amazing


From the guys over at Superhero Stuff:

So, where does one deposit one’s spoils from a hard day’s bounty hunting? What to do with all of those thermal detonators, Kamino darts, VIP passes to Jabba’s Palace, and captured pygmy Ewoks? Well, lucky for you we have the polyester 19 inch high by 16 inches wide Star Wars Boba Fett Themed Backpack, official backpack of the Mandalorians and wholly inspired by Boba Fett (Affiliate) – the greatest bounty hunter ever! Adorned in symbols of battle and worn paint from years of intense battles, the Star Wars Boba Fett Themed Backpack has two different spacious pockets, a sleeve on one side, a mesh sleeve on the other, and two straps for whatever you can think of! The smaller of the two pockets has an array of smaller sleeves inside for small notes or cards while the larger one has a inner pocket within that pocket! A pocket within a pocket? Somebody call Christopher Nolan!



[Product Page (Sold Out) (Affiliate) | Via FG]

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