Beautiful HD Animation of the Moon’s Rotation [Video]

This beautiful video was created using 110,000 images captured by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and shows the moon rotating 360 degrees around its axis.

[Via APODVideos | LS]

4 Responses to Beautiful HD Animation of the Moon’s Rotation [Video]

  1. 110,000 images for a 25 second video at 25/fps that’s 625 images where are the 109,375 other images??? unless they were not full shots of the moon and that they used 110,000 images to reconstitute the full shots???

    • Each shot only captures a section of the Lunar surface, not the entire moon. They put all the images together to form a total map of the Moon and then create the rotating sphere effect.

  2. The title refers to “the moon’s rotation”. Of course the moon does not rotate. Ok, simple mistake; the video is of the moon rotating. Then the caption refers to the moon’s axis. Something that does not rotate does not have an axis. Pretty sloppy for a geek.

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