The ‘Till Watch’ Takes a Laid-Back Approach to Time

The ‘Till Watch by Projectswatches tells you what time it is in layman’s terms or slang terms. The arms move around the watch like normal, but instead of numbers, you’re met with “Half Past” or “5 Till.”

Till Watch

This watch is cool-looking and a clever concept, but I can’t help but think that it’s a little more confusing to tell time with.
Till Watch 2

2 Responses to The ‘Till Watch’ Takes a Laid-Back Approach to Time

  1. The “till” should read “to” instead. That would make it easier to read. I don’t go around telling people that it’s 15 minutes ’til 7. It’s “quarter to”. Plus, it’s ’til, not “till”. “Till” is a farming/gardening term.
    Concept = good
    Execution = fail

  2. Till

    preposition & conjunction
    1. less formal way of saying until.
    synonyms: until, to, up to, through (to), up until, as late as More
    before, prior to, previous to, up to, up until, earlier than

    How bout them apples?