“Things I Never Learned in High School”

How about “How to get a job” or “How to have healthy/successful relationships”??


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  1. If thats is what you only want to know then the goverment has done a good job on you.

    “Thinking lead to reasoning. Reasoning leads to right and wrong. Wrong leads to revolt. Revolt leads to bad citizen.”

  2. Yeah because if what you were going to throw out in the education system it should be more math, and science. We shouldn’t be in those fields anyways.

  3. I learned all that stuff in high school with the exception of major purchases (we did learn finance so we could make informed decisions when that time came), plus the Pythagorean theorem . . . what has changed, our curriculum or our students’ focus?

  4. If you didn’t learn what taxes are in highschool, either you didn’t pay attention to class or your school sucks, and I think I know which one it was…

  5. Actually I did learn all of that stuff in school here in :’D
    Teacher used to say:
    “Taxes is like lendig your country money,
    do your annual tax declaration right and get your the money back. Don’t let them pull a fast one on you kids. Tha’ts what they always try… Not with me *grumpyface*.”

  6. My school taught me all of that in several classes. They also had me do the math on how much it takes to raise a kid, the costs to live alone, how to make a resume and so much more.

  7. Your school didn’t have student body government?

    Your school didn’t cover politics in american history or civics classes?

    Your math classes didn’t use word problems about interest rates (compound, simple, etc.), CDs, investments, stocks, etc. to teach fundamental algebra and, maybe even graph theory?

    I’m not assuming every school *did* cover these, but they should. You may or may not have retained it, but chances are your school covered most if not all of the above somewhere.

  8. my highschool didnt cover any of that, in the social studies classes, they mainly did history, mock trials for law, but anytime there was a mention of taxes it basically skipped over that entirely and just went on to other things. Plus we didnt have classes that talked even remotely about how to budget your money, to control your finances, or buy houses or real estate, for me that was covered in my business class in COLLEGE. I mean, maybe highschools offer that stuff now. I graduated in 2004, and out of the two highschools I went to,for moving reasons, neither of them had that kind of stuff taught there. I dont choose the curriculum, nor the highschool since its wherever my parents sent me, but I would’ve wished they taught those things, it would’ve been an easier transition to college. Some of you people sound like real stuffy conceited pricks, trying to sarcastically put down others for not having the best highschool that offers only the best of the best of the best. lol. Its highschool, public schools teachers either hate their life and job, or they love it and strive to make a connecetion to their students and care, and the school board usually has to approve their syllabus and whatnot so they probably dont always get to teach what they really want to. Anything we ever learned that wasnt covered in textbook, was through conversation with the teacher on whatever topics. My old last highschool is ALOTTTTTTT better and way different than when I went there, and they offer way better classes on other subjects that weren’t there before. Times change.

  9. I love that shirt. There was a brief budgeting class in middle school, but none of the those things were taught in my high school. Heck you couldn’t even take classes about those things in college unless you were a finance major. It’s sad that I could graduate high school and college without being taught those things. Obviously, you figure them out on your own because you need to know them but they should be a much more core focus since they are fundamental in life. I still have yet to use the pythagorean theory in real life.

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