Puppets + Ragtime Jazz = Blair Crimmins’ Latest Music Video, Old Sport!

I moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Phoenix, Arizona  less than a month ago, and one of the things I miss most of all is the musical stylings of Blair Crimmins and the Hookers.

Blair is a musical genius, combining ragtime and Dixieland jazz with timeless lyrics. He plays any combination of ukulele, banjo, and piano during his live shows and is always accompanied by a big brass and strings band — trumpets, trombones, upright bass, and drums! Not to mention all of them looking like they came straight from the 1920s in their 3-piece suits, ties, and wingtips!

Sing-A-Longs, the band’s latest album, drops September 10. The music video for the single “It’s All Over Now” features Blair being interviewed by a stuffy, boring puppet and then taking him out for a drunken, carousing night on the town!

Pre-order Sing-A-Longs here!

[Blair Crimmins / Source: YouTube]

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