RoboCop (2014) Official Trailer #1 [Video]

The first official trailer for the Reboot of the 1987 Sci-fi action flick, Robocop. Yep, another reboot. sigh. This one looks pretty good though.

In 2028 Detroit, when Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) – a loving husband, father and good cop – is critically injured in the line of duty, the multinational conglomerate OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer.


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  1. You can’t remake a classic. Robocop was a masterpiece. I like how they try to copy the suit and the preliminary suit looks similar to the original, then they try to go all badass and it ends up looking like a dude in a power ranger suit with a red light on his face made of cheap plastic. ED209 even looks like ass compared to the original. So if it’s not going to look better, what’s the point of remaking it?

    • People see the other suit and they assume they know the story line. In my opinion, they bring him back (Original suit) His emotions and fear causes some form of “break out” or destruction. To then they reformat his brain (like in the original) Sort of, He was a man, then machine. Then Machine Man. (Where as the original just had the Death and rebirth into a mindless Robot that eventually broke free from programming. I feel this will happen in the movie. Any time he’s (ROBOcop) he’s in the black tactical suit, but when he gets his conscience back thats when the original silver suit comes back into play. This isn’t about “RE-Designing” a suit. It’s about making the two “personalities” distinguishable

  2. I guess all I can say, after watching this preview, is that all the cool, modern sfx can’t ever hope to overcome the pretentious and pedestrian design choices, the even more pretentious and overused “anti-hero” theme nor the (mostly) obviously “minimal-effort” acting…

      • Is everybody an idiot????? I don’t understand why people actually THINK he’s just “Black Robocop” Guess what, if you like the silver, congratulations you’re in for a surprise. he’s not Black suit. All the time.


    seriously Hollywood quit remaking movies that were already good. Remake a crappy movie or heres a novel concept, come up with your own brand new idea!

    No reason to remake a classic. I won’t go see it.

  4. I’m not sure what trailer everyone else saw, but this looks awesome to me. The original was definitely a product of its time, but its one that is ripe for a modern retelling, even though most remakes and reboots are unspeakably awful. I also like that it doesn’t appear to be a strict remake. They seem to have some cool ideas.

    • Everyone else is a diehard fanboy, hence backwards fanatic who doesn’t understand that in Hollywood, REBOOTS ARE HERE TO STAY… As a writer and producer in the business I understand this. I choose to see these films objectively, analyze the professionals behind the projects, director, PRODUCER and most importantly for the casual movie goer, the CAST.. and with an ALL STAR CAST like this film has, I say… GIVE IT A GODDAMN CHANCE!

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