HDTV Apocalypse Prank + Job Interview = WIN! [Video]

I’m not sure if this is staged or not, but I’d love to have a TV like this simulating a virtual windows in my living room!


5 Responses to HDTV Apocalypse Prank + Job Interview = WIN! [Video]

  1. I think all of these LG TV pranks are staged. But at least this one appears to have better acting. What building has 16:9 ratio windows anyway? And in landscape layout no less.

    • You can get various kinds of windows by the way and not everyone in an interview will be thinking about such a pedantic thing

  2. The outside of the building doesn’t look anything like what’s on the tv (let’s not even talk about the color and the weather) and we’re supposed to believe this sh*t. Especially the interviewer who does a poor acting job when the building starts shaking and the interviewee looks around wondering what’s going on and the interviewer keeps asking question like it’s all normal.


  3. Forget aspect ratio of the window, color, weather etc . . . Look out a window. Now move your head slightly. See how the foreground objects move against the background ones? Even at large distances? See how the closer you get to the window, the more you see? I’m not buying that anyone would be convinced they were looking out a window.

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