Incredible Warrior Wonder Woman Cosplay [Pictures]


These shots of Meagan Marie‘s badass warrior Wonder Woman cosplay (designed by Meagan Marie and Tess Fowler) are kind of amazing. The beauty is really in the details here, where you can see the blood spatter on her sword and etching in her headpiece and armor. Really great work. A couple more shots, courtesy of photographer LJinto:



[Photographer: LJinto | Model: Meagan Marie | Via]


4 Responses to Incredible Warrior Wonder Woman Cosplay [Pictures]

  1. Always wondered why Wonder Woman wears such patriotic attire when she grew up on Amazonia and never knew what the United States even was before leaving?

    • Generally, it’s because of the iconography found on the Trevor’s plane and uniform. In an 80’s revamp of her origin, it was shown that Trevor’s mother, a female pilot in WWII also crash landed on the island and was responsible for helping save many Amazon’s from a mythic creature. To honor her, they uses her pilots wings, stars & strips and general coloration to create the armor (which is what her uniform is supposed to be) of a champion.

      In reality, she was created during WWII and used as an American icon, fighting Nazis, so they used colors and symbols of a patriotic nature.

  2. @Tim, the traditional explanation is they knew where she was going because of Steve Trevor crashing on Paradise Island/Themyscira, and she donned the colors of the land she was entering as a gesture of good-will toward it.

    OR because Steve’s mother, after whom Diana was named, crashed on Themyscira a generation earlier, and brought knowledge of the outside world, and when Steve came, Princess Diana already wore those colors in the honor of the hero of whom she named, and she trusted Steve as a sign from Olympus because he bore the same symbol (flag on his jacket).

    OR because Queen Hippolyta was the WW2 Wonder Woman (a retcon to incorporate the Golden Age character) and so the Amazons were well aware by the time Diana left.