Get Married in Hylian Style with These Legend of Zelda Rings [Pictures]

If you’re planning to propose, you’d better start collecting your rupees: Takayas Custom Jewelry has just released these pics of their new Legend of Zelda wedding rings, and holy Mamamu Yan, they are incredible. Here’s the release:

Nowadays, most couples are shying away from the traditional wedding rings and gearing towards a more personalized approach. Some couples get a little bit more creative and are designing their rings inspired by their favorite superheroes or video games.

In a world full of chaos, this “Legend of Zelda” collection is the perfect symbol for tying the knot. Composed of white and yellow gold and diamonds, With the golden triangles that symbolize the legend of the Tri-force.

Princess Zelda would not have a doubt in her mind but to say “I DO” to these perfect rings…while Link continues to destroy Ganon. Will he or will he not? Good luck!

zelda 3

Zelda 1

zelda 2

Zelda 3

They’re also (probably) quite spendy. You’ll have to leave a comment on the site to receive a quote.

via fashionably geek