Nerd Block: A Monthly Mystery Gift Box for the Geeky Set

nerdblock_1Nerd Block is like BirchBox for people who prefer pop culture to makeup. The idea is a simple subscription service, just like many others: for $20 a month (plus shipping), you receive a box filled with delightfully nerdy goodies. An exclusive t-shirt is included every month, alongside 5 or 6 toys, accessories or collectibles.

Nerd Block is filled with toys and collectables [sic] from your favorite brands including Star Wars, Adventure Time, Doctor Who, Marvel, and many more! Every box is loaded with various genres to appeal to everyone from video game and movie fanatics, to toy and comic collectors. Each item is Geek Tested, Nerd Approved!

If you like surprises (or know someone who does), Nerd Block subscriptions are currently open. The next box ships in just under 3 weeks, then every month after that on the 15th, until you cancel.

Unlike other subscription services, there do not appear to be any options for customization. For example, if you enjoy comics but aren’t really into games, you can’t request a box that caters more closely to your interests. However, the idea is a great one and Nerd Block certainly fills a niche not yet addressed by any other companies (as far as we know — feel free to chime in on your favorite geeky gift boxes in the comments).

If you’d like to know more about Nerd Block, check out the site. And if You end up subscribing, come back and let us know what you received!

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  1. Turns out there are a few companies doing this sort of thing,
    Nerdblock (run by the Shirtpunch guys, always has a tshirt in the box+ stuff, names Marvel & DC as suppliers) (looks like random unbranded rubbish, although I’ve not tried them) (Half the price, half the content?) (UK only version, £20 inc postage) (Themed boxes, advises what the content is in advance & has unique / handcrafted items)

    These are the geeky ones I could find, there might be even more out there but I only looked for these after signing up to NerdBlock!
    Never had a bad experience ordering from shirtpunch so here’s hoping this is a little box of awesomeness!

  2. ive been getting lootcrate for three months now and its pretty epic. doesnt always have a tshirt but it does always exceed value of supscription. if you are curious, look up lootcrate unboxing on youtube and you can see what comes in the boxes! i cant seem to find anything like that for nerd block.

  3. You won;t find an unboxing for NerdBlock yet, the very first one isn’t due to go out until Sept 2013, Nice to hear that LootCrate holds it’s own! If NerdBlock turns out to be crap I’ll give that one a go, either that or the BootyBin one…

  4. Shirtpunch’s biggest problem has always been shipping times. 12 weeks from Canada to Australia is just crazy in this day and age. Most other companies have a T-Shirt or product at my door within 5-7 working days. Until they improve this aspect of their business I wouldn’t subscribe to a service like this.

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