Roaring Ape Head Tattoo [WTF] [Pic]


What’s worse than balding? This tattoo of an angry gorilla(?) on the back of your head. On the plus side, this guy will be like a live-action reenactment of Congo when he gets older and goes gray, which will be a real hit at 90s-themed parties of the future. Remind us to follow up and ask him if it was worth it.

*Any primate identification experts feel free to pop in and let us know exactly which branch of the family tree this animal is from.

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[Via Obvious Winner]


4 Responses to Roaring Ape Head Tattoo [WTF] [Pic]

  1. sadly i grew up in the 90s and i dont remember the movie congo, based on the trailer it sounds like a movie i should add to my watch list

  2. nice way to screw up your life pal! go get a job after that. If he’s a minor his parents and/or the person who tattooed him should be sued. Yeah I know freedom, bla bla bla, it’s just funny how it’s always those causing trouble who get to enjoy their freedom the most (smokers, loud shitty music fans, loud people at restaurants, etc.)

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