“The Drift” Could Become Reality in Simulated Spacecraft!


Researchers from the University of Essex have been collaborating with some United States researchers — especially those at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory — to develop “brain-computer interface” (BCI) technology, “which allows two people to steer a virtual spacecraft using only their brain power, via electroencephalography (EEG).”

To start, they have been working on a BCI mouse that allows two people to steer a virtual spacecraft. Why two? Well, it goes without saying that it is not easy for just one person to focus on one task, let alone a difficult one, for a prolonged period of time. With two people, however, “if one has a lapse of concentration, nothing really bad happens provided the other or others do not have a concentration lapse at the same time,” Professor Riccardo Poli of Essex explains.


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[via Science Omega]

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