Super Power Beat Down – WOLVERINE vs. PREDATOR: FIGHT! [Video]


The Wolverine and the Predator clash in the jungle to see who’s the best at what they do.

Thanks Kearstin! :)



7 Responses to Super Power Beat Down – WOLVERINE vs. PREDATOR: FIGHT! [Video]

  1. Nice as a filming example. Unfortunately, authors had everything Wolverine wrong. Logan never walks straight up when he’s “in-character.” He prowls and sneaks. The teeth are wrong too. He doesn’t run from volley unless it is air-to-ground. Half the fight, he keeps the claws sheathed, which makes no sense at all. The head-flaps are all wrong too; looks more like Batman than Wolverine. Loved the premise, but the execution did lack a bit.

    • I agree to this. Also Wolverine is MUCH MUCH MUCH more agile than this. This wolverine looked to awkward. Wolverine would move to fast for the Predator. Also, in no point did you see the Predator prep his wrist detonator when he died.

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