The 12th Doctor Is… [Pic]

It’s all over the place, but in case you haven’t heard yet, the twelfth incarnation of the Doctor will be Peter Capaldi!

Oddly enough, if you’ve watched World War Z, Peter Capaldi had a role as a doctor in the movie… a doctor from the World Health Organization. A W.H.O. Doctor!


[Peter Capaldi revealed as Doctor Who’s new lead |Picture Source]

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    • Exactly my thinking. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will be a joke, like when the BBC announced that Matt Smith’s contract was renewed through the end of 2014.

  1. I was hoping they would change it up a bit… Maybe make it a bit more interesting, not really sure I am okay with this.

  2. Why? Because a mature, talented, and experienced actor makes for the best doctor, not just looking good. Don’t get me wrong, I love Smith, but I think after Tennant and Smith, we need a more mature doctor.

  3. No offense to the above guys, but in my opinion, Smith’s doctor acted like somebody with special needs who had lost their carer. My kids didn’t like him, I didn’t take to him, and to be fair, he’s proved he is a great actor, and Tennant was a hard act to follow, but the sooner Matt Smith is away from the franchise, the better it will be for all parties. Will be very interested to see how the new guy shapes up.

  4. Bah, They should have let Rowan Atkinson be the next Dr. Save the boos and hisses. Watch him as Mr Bean AND Black Adder (all incarnations). He could pull it off :-)

    • Atkinson did play the doctor once, in a comic relief sketch.with Johnathon Pryce as the master. If you haven’t seen it already look it up on youtube

  5. I mean seriously, I know you’re not actually a legit news feed (you mostly regurgitate 3 month old crap that you have eventually found and front it with phrases like “WOW” “MUST WATCH” “GEEKTASTIC” “HURRR HOT COSPLAY BABES” etc, but could you not have just put a spoiler warning up? “Click on the link for his Identity and picture”?

    I know you’ll delete this, but please sort yourselves out.

  6. I’m looking forward to seeing this new Doctor in action. I enjoyed Matt Smith’s take on the Doctor but in my own opinion the two best Doctors were played by mature, experienced actors; Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee respectively. Let’s not forget that more Doctors have been played my middle aged to older actors, they tend to have the gravitas and presence required to carry it off.

  7. I think you’re all missing the something, the Doctor is purpose to grow younger with each change not older, look at all the doctors over the years, this one makes no sense.

  8. I hope this isn’t an official pic. If it is, I’m very disappointed. I don’t know anything about the man as an actor, so I’ll give him his fair shot, but this pic makes him look like Mr. Rogers. And as wonderful as Mr. Rogers is, I don’t think “time lord” when I see him. Give the man some class, ditch the sweater and scarf please!

    • “the Roles always been a Unknown some random not a crap actor thats been in 30+ shitty movies and tv shows”

      Uh, guh… Look, I’m going to sum this up in a way I think might help you grasp the concept as quickly as possible.

      The short form is: You have absolutely NO IDEA what you’re talking about. Zero.

      The long form involves this:

      1. Did you know that William Hartnell acted for TWENTY YEARS before he played the Doctor? Nearly eighty roles.

      2. Patrick Troughton enjoyed more than NINETY roles (for almost twenty years, again) before he was chosen to play the Doctor, including tons of TV shows

      3. Let’s look at Jon Pertwee. About 38 roles (many TV roles, but a lot of features), for THIRTY-TWO years prior to being tapped to play the Doctor.

      4. Tom Baker’s next. Prior to playing the Doctor, Baker enjoyed 10 years of experience playing 18 roles (I especially enjoyed watching him in horror movies, but that’s just me).

      5. Peter Davison had five roles (including The Dish of the Day in tHHGttG!) and just about a decade of experience before playing the Doctor. A few people thought he was a bit inexperienced for the role, but me, I think he did a fine job.

      6. As much as people piddle their pants at Colin Baker, and as troubled as his tenure as the Doctor was, he also had chops. 26 roles for thirteen years, including Blake’s Seven, by the way, which is some brilliant sci-fi. That’s short for “science fiction,” BTW. BTW is short for “by the way.”

      7. People in the US didn’t have much of a chance to enjoy Sylvester McCoy until he played Radagast in The Hobbit, but that’s probably because Jersey Shore is still running. Just sayin’. Prior to 1987, McCoy played in 17 different movies over a period of twenty-two years.

      8. You could possibly make a case for Paul McGann, who was in only one movie. Prior to 1996, he performed in 22 productions over fourteen years. Only one year longer than Colin Baker.

      8a. Let’s take a moment to remember Peter Cushing, who played the Doctor in two feature films. Looking up Mr. Cushing’s resume is a task I think YOU need to do. 132 movies, almost every one absofuckinglutely brilliant.

      9. After McGann, the next actor to play the Doctor was Christopher Eccleston. Prior to 2005, Eccleston was in 43 productions over fifteen years, many of which you may in fact have seen, unless, y’know, you spent all your time watching Jersey Shore. I thought his performance in 28 Days Later was particularly… gruesome.

      9a. But wait, let’s not forget a little bonus. John Hurt ALSO played the Doctor in the 50th anniversary episode. John Hurt. John biggest-goddam-resume-you-ever-seen Hurt. 187 titles spanning for than fifty years. Think about that. John Hurt is the only person who has played the Doctor who has been around AS LONG AS THE FUCKING SHOW. Seriously, anyone thinking he ain’t got chops or is an unknown is — and I mean this in the kindest way — profoundly brain damaged.

      10. Then there’s David Tennant. Before 2005, Tennant was in about 40 different productions over 17 years. Including playing Barty Crouch. Surely you remember Barty Crouch. Just think “kids movie, wizards, and a compelling tongue.” I’m sure it’ll come to you.

      11. Matt Smith came next. Before crashing the TARDIS in Amy’s backyard in 2010, Mr. Smith worked on nine projects across four years. Hm. You watched Secret Diary of a Call Girl, right? I pretty much figured everyone who ever wanted to hump Billie Piper’s leg has seen that series. Well, there ya go — Matt Smith. The relative newbie of the group.

      12. So then there’s Peter Capaldi. 105 titles spanning 31 years. Write these down, because these are probably kinda big numbers. Can you really name a thing in which Capaldi has not excelled? Go ahead — I’ll wait. The only actors who had MORE experience than Capaldi before playing the Doctor in a regular fashion was William Hartnell and Jon Pertwee.

      So, seriously…

      You have LITERALLY no idea what you’re talking about. Literally, factually, or even conceptually.

      • i’d have enjoyed that well stated and well meant rant a little better without the anti-american jingoism, i think.

        • “…without the anti-american jingoism”

          Well, I didn’t think it was JINGOISM, just that the poster seemed to have no clue that movies and TV shows were made OUTSIDE the US. So, an actor with more than thirty years of experience and 105 titles suddenly becomes “… a crap actor…”

          So, less jingoism and more just plain old run-of-the-mill ignorance.

          Maybe provincialism might apply, but that’s kind of a big word to pull out on unsuspecting passersby.

        • “wow, explained, rather.”

          It was a bit of research, plus interesting to write it in an entertaining way (there’s only so many different ways one can present essentially the same data), so I appreciate the opportunity to learn more and to write something fun.

          I looked up “served,” though, to make sure I understood it properly. Hm.

          Upon retrospect…

          Well, I meant to be amusing and entertaining and even a little snarky, but when I re-read my bracketing phrases, I might be read as being way harsher personally toward Apotheosis Sin Jones than I had intended. So for that, I apologize, both to Jones and to the rest of you folks. Sorry. 8( I can be funny without being personally a jerk, I swear!

    • Lately when someone’s asked me how to start, I tell them to watch two episodes.

      The first is “Rose” and the second is “The Eleventh Hour.”

      neither is perfect, BUT, those two episodes introduce the character pretty well and the situation pretty well, and the latter episode contains quite a few nods to the Doctor’s history in a nice rooftop scene near the end.

      There are, of course, TONS of episodes, but for people only willing to gamble a couple hours, those are the episodes I recommend.

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