Hell for Spammers [Comic]


Spammers have a very special level of Hell reserved just for them!

Another great comic by Cartoonist Sara Zimmerman from Unearthedcomics.com.

[Source: Unearthed Comics]


11 Responses to Hell for Spammers [Comic]

  1. Early ’90s PC? 56K modem? What luxury! Hell is a 300 baud modem, watching the characters coming up one at a time…

  2. For the longest time we used a 14.4k modem when we had AOL. Around the time Half Life came out we finally got a 33.3k modem so I could play online. And by play online I mean lagging the servers because the thing sucked. I told my mom we needed a 56k but she yelled at me and said 33.3k was our new upgrade and 56k was to expensive. lol.

    2 months later I got the 56k and thought it was godly. We didn’t get anything faster until early 2000 if I recall. I think we started at 1MB and moved up to 3 at max. Then about 2 or 3 years ago we got fiber optic connection of 12mb. Which is funny when I complain about loading speeds considering 65k would likely take forever just to load this page.

    • You were quite well off then really, as Half-life was a late ’98 title. So if you got a 56k modem 2 months later, you’re looking at early ’99.

      And you quickly went to a 1MB connection in a year tops if you upgraded in early 2000.

      For some of us in countries like the UK where it took forever for home infrastructure to get easy affordable access to higher speed, we were stuck with 56k connections for many many years. I don’t think it was until 2003/4 that I saw a upgrade from 56k in the form of telewests cable connection. :(

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