FAKING IT: The Evolution of the Greenscreen [Video]

As part of their education series, the folks over at FilmmakerIQ.com deliver this history lesson in Hollywood’s evolution of using the greenscreen.

Running at 17:30, this is a little long, but I promise you that gaining knowledge has never been more fun!

[FilmmakerIQ.com / Source: Vimeo]

One Response to FAKING IT: The Evolution of the Greenscreen [Video]

  1. This video is excellent, but I disagree with his last statement. Modern film IS to reliant on CG over practical effects. That complaint isn’t as much about compositing as it is about animating things unnecessarily. There are few things more distracting then watching a film and being so distracted by the unnatural movement of a thing that could so easily have been done with a model or a prop. No one is really saying you shouldn’t use animation in a film like the matrix, but if Neo were animated that movie would have been a pile. Just look how incredibly bad that fight scene with in the middle of the third movie looked with Agent smith.

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