Artist Creates Sculpture from Vintage Comics…and Has No Idea of Its Worth! [Pic]

Artist Andrew Vickers found some classic comics in a dumpster and used them to create a papier-mâché  sculpture.


It took Steve Eyre of World of Superheroes walking through the HEROES Art Exhibition in Sheffield, England to discover just WHAT Vickers had done…and how much his sculpture was worth.

Vickers had papier-mâchéd approximate $30,000 worth of vintage comics!

Upon learning how much his sculpture was worth, Vickers said, “To be honest, I’m shocked, but money has not got such a value to me…I really love the idea of me creating something out of such expensive things that’s worth less. I think it’s brilliant.”

Courtesy BBC

Courtesy BBC

Hmm. Dozens of rare comics torn apart for the sake of art. What do you think of Vickers’s cavalier attitude about the whole thing?

[via Comics Alliance]