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3 Responses to SOMEONE PLEASE HELP [Comic]

  1. I am so old school :)

    First… i dont have anything on I products. I have more sense than money :)

    And all the rest is my god old PC. Pictures is backed up on extern harddisk. I have my own mail domane. I dont have Cable Subscriptions i have DVD’s and Blue Rays (a lot of them). My internet subscription is 50mb and i max use 5 :D

  2. I’m not a hipster so things like Icloud, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram are of no use to me. Same goes for cable. My antenna brings me everything I want to watch. If I want to see something on cable I watch it at a friends house. I don’t have a cell and therefor don’t text. I do have an Ipad but more for personal use. I only have Facebook because Myspace turned into garbage. That and my wife is from another country so we need facebook to keep in contact.

    When I see something becoming popular I stay away because I hate the sheep hipster mentality of doing what everyone else does. Or in better terms I ignore peer pressure.