Top 10 Cartoons of the 2000s [Video]

The folks over at Watch Mojo compiled a list of what they think are the top 10 cartoons of the 2000s. Do agree with them? Disagree? What other cartoons would you put on this list? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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    • Why does it suck? The metaphor for imperialism, immense character development, brilliant, detailed artistic style, even immense thematic congruity between the choreography and theme of each element, and overall approach to animation that more resembles didactic novel than an animated series geared for kids. I think it’s the best animated series not only of the 2000’s, but ever.

    • Friendship is magic didn’t start until 2010, and the franchise as a whole wasn’t overly popular until that series.

  1. The Simpsons started in the late eights hit its peek in the ninties and is still on the air to this day. what is with all the cancelled in ’97 stuff. Its the longest running American prime time scripted show, it is also the longest running American animated show, along with a few other longest running titles, and they are still going and have made over 528 episodes.

  2. For the most part I agree with this list, especially Avatar being No. 1, but I must say South Park should be higher up than both Family Guy and Futurama. In term of not only the quality of satire and the show as a whole, but also the fact that it tends to have a far more lasting impact on American culture than either Family Guy, which just plain sucks, or Futurama, which is good but not nearly as influential as South Park.

  3. No bother argueing with these stupid f#cking kids they’re obviously going to pick there favorites and defend them like they’re frickin pewdiepie

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