Spiderman’s Mary Jane Watson Cosplay [Picture]


This interpretation of Spiderman’s Mary Jane Watson is pretty accurate if you compare it to the original that was drawn by J. Scott Campbell.

[Source: Ainlina | Via Dorkly]


10 Responses to Spiderman’s Mary Jane Watson Cosplay [Picture]

  1. Cosplay or not, this is a very beautiful girl. I view it more as a tribute to the artwork I guess.

  2. I wish this site would stop calling any attractive girl and amazing cosplayer, I mean yes this girl is probably lovely and good on her for picking a character that suits her body type, but it’s hardly an amazing costume, good yes, ground breaking no.

  3. Shes wearing the same outfit, in the same position, with the same props arranged around the room. Pretty sure that counts as a cosplay.

    And I don’t think the point here is that its a random cosplay thats freakishly accurate or something. As I recall, the controversy over that cover was whether or not that position was humanly possible. Hence this cosplay attempting to prove if it was.