Phoenix Jones – A Real Life Superhero [Short Documentary]

He may not be able to fly or stop bullets, but this masked man is out to fight crime and keep the fair denizens of Seattle safe.

Produced & Directed by Kitty Bolhoefer and Fridolin Schoepper. Edited by Konterfei. Music by Carlos Bruck.

[The Avant/Garde Diaries]

6 Responses to Phoenix Jones – A Real Life Superhero [Short Documentary]

  1. Phoenix Jones was entertaining at first, but by now he’s not even a joke – he’s an …. Seattle has, for the most part, turned their hearts toward his arch nemesis, Rex Velvet. Now there’s someone GAS needs to make a post about!

  2. if this is real, then this guy is the coolest guy who’s ever lived, and has more balls than me, and anyone else I’ve ever known, whether in comics or in real life, put together. if you’re out there, and can read this, Phoenix Jones, then know that what you do is a gift and a benefit to all.

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