Cospladies: Ivy Doomkitty [Episode #1]

Cospladies is a new documentary-type web series from Wizard World that features some of the awesome ladies of the cosplay world. This week, they’re featuring the lovely Ivy Doomkitty and asked her some questions about what got her into cosplay, and what she loves about it.

[Wizard World | Ivy Doomkitty]


3 Responses to Cospladies: Ivy Doomkitty [Episode #1]

  1. well at least she’s not a bored stripper. But Doomkitty is def a stage name. And what the hell is a professional cosplayer???

  2. Basically a model, who specializes in costumes.Now the modern equivalent of a booth babe, pin up girl, spokes model etc Also would assume they do a lot of figure modeling for artists