The Nerd Wedding Code [Picture]


A wedding ceremony expressed as PHP code! Who said geeks and nerds can’t be romantic?

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20 Responses to The Nerd Wedding Code [Picture]

  1. Ya there are a few bugs. Not only is $i == ‘do’ not property testing for true but the vows are stuck in a infinite loop so you’ll never get to register. Basically it’s wedding hell. Stuck giving vows for the rest of your life or at least until your memory runs out. lol

  2. All those “=== 1” and the “$objections != true” are freshman errors. And defining a funcion conditionally? just to use it the next line? a function whose arguments are not even used and a body that could just be inlined? And the whole while() and vow incrementing stuff… I didn’t even noticed at first that the whole thing is a function that’s invoked the next line it’s defined.

    OMG, $details isn’t even set the moment it is used, so your ceremony is gonna have an ugly warning all over.

    This marriage is condemned from the start.

  3. $richer && $poorer && $sicker && $health can’t all satisfy the true condition at the same time, this doesn’t make any sense. You can’t be poorer and richer at the same time.

  4. In short, that’s not a nerd wedding, because if that monstrosity went anywhere near a nerd wedding it would be whiteboards at dawn and everyone would have gone home in disgust.

  5. I see some more problems with this code…

    Why on earth somebody define the do_vow() and have_hold() functions just to use them once?

    Not to mention the $f variable which now holds “fingerring” – not sure if this means what the author intended…