Things the World War Z book has in common with the movie [Venn Diagram]


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  1. Wait! It has Jurgen Warmbrunn, of the Warmbrunn-Knight report (apologies for butchering his name) and one quote lifted from the book in that same scene otherwise though? Nothin.

  2. They have already ordered a sequel, and I heard they want to do a trilogy and have the 3rd movie be more similar to the book. I loved both the book and the movie, but I don’t think the movie would have worked without setting up the World War Z “universe” first.

    • Because that totally justifies it. I push that we have a movie called The Hobbit thats actually about a 21st century alien invasion. And then use the poster as the new cover of the Hobbit books.

  3. I went into this movie with really low expectations and was heard to say many many times that it looks like a decent zombie movie but isn’t WWZ. I was pleasantly stunned by how good it was and how well it fits into the WWZ verse without screwing it up. Just the visit to the South Korean base was worth the price of admission. Would rather they not make another one though. This is fine on its own and is an excellent close to the main stream zombie craze.

    • The fact that the zombies run. Makes it nothing like the WWZ verse. Just no. Mainstream zombies, are also not zombeis. So no to that too.

    • Why would you say it is a “close” to the main stream zombie craze? Do you think zombies will fall in popularity among mainstream audiences? (by the gods I hope so. I like my zombie movies low budget and not particularly popular, Dawn of the Dead 2004 aside)

  4. But what would they call the sequel? There’s no letters after Z unless you loo at languages besides English.
    How about World War Þ? Or one of these: Æ, Ž, ?
    World War AA (if you’re using Excel’s counting system)
    World War [ (OK, that’s ASCII

    • “World War II – Zombie Edition”? “WWII Z” “World War Z II” “WW Z2” Maybe with some Nazi zombies? Since we’re not following the books…

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