OUYA Android games console goes on general sale

A $99 dollar open-source Android console has already sold out with two major retailers. However, OUYA can still be picked up through some stores at the time of writing.

The console’s development was funded through Kickstarter where it is still in second place on the all-time fundraising chart after attracting more than $8.5 million of donations.

130 games are already available to download for the console. Any developer can write a game for the machine (or port their existing titles). Developers can set prices and get 70 percent of the revenue, though every game must have a free demo version.

Though the OUYA lacks the capabilities of big-name consoles, it’s a relatively powerful machine with a quad-core processor and support for full HD. It has Ethernet, Wi-Fi, micro-USB and HDMI connections. If you plug a PC into the device, you can get direct access to tools for developing your own games. There are no restrictions on accessing any of the ports if you are feeling brave and want to adapt the hardware for other uses.

As well as games, the device supports other applications. Among these are support for Onlive, the PC game streaming service, so it’s possible to play some major release games. Naturally the quality of your connection is an issue here, but early reviews have shown people using Onlive without too many glitches.

The console costs $99 with one controller included. A second controller is a rather hefty $49.

While Kickstarter donators had already received their machines, OUYA came to retailers for the first time this week. Amazon and GameStop have both sold out at the moment, though Best Buy and Target still have stock.

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