Heroes Con 2013 Artist Interviews: Ming Doyle (Mara), Elizabeth Breitweiser (Winter Soldier) [Videos]

This past weekend in Charlotte, NC, was the annual industry-based comic book show Heroes Con. Geeks Are Sexy sent Meredith (Ana Aesthetic) down to catch up with some of the creators behind our favorite books.

Edit: Sorry about the background noise on the videos, this is the best we could do with the equipment we had.

Ming Doyle (Mara)

Celebrated artist Ming Doyle shares how she created the look and feel of the character Mara, from the new book she is working on with writer Brian Wood. Mara, published by Image, is a 6-part series about a young woman at the height of her sports career who suddenly discovers she has bevy of super powers – and her journey to find out why this happened; while the military, and the whole world, want to know the very same thing. Footage shot by Pat Loika of Loikamania.

Elizabeth Breitweiser (Winter Soldier)

Meredith interviews artist and colorist Elizabeth Breitweiser about her recent work on Winter Soldier and some of the process behind her gritty coloring techniques. Footage shot by Pat Loika of Loikamania.

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