The Difference Between Japanese and American Superheroes [COMIC]


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    • Goku?? Seriously, GOKU?? We have had like 20 episodes of him training like a fucking madman just to defeat Freezer! That’s the difference: in Japan, people may be born with gifts, but they still have to work like fuck to amplify and unleash their true powers, it’s not something easy like getting stung by a spider or getting in contact with toxic waste…

      • True, but Batman without his gadgets is nothing more than a highly-trained MMO fighter, which would make him easy pickings for all those enemies of his.

      • True, but without his gadgets, Batman is nothing more than a highly-trained MMA fighter. He’d be easy pickings for all his enemies if he couldn’t glide, throw batarangs, toss around smoke and gas bombs, drive his customized bat-themed vehicles, or use his grappling line.

  1. Goku had to train to become stronger, he wasn’t born stronger than everyone by default. He was considered a weakling by the Saiyans.

    • he wasnt of noble blood* they were all babies when sent on their missions. he wasnt human, you cant put him up against batman for comparison

  2. Ryu isn’t a super hero – he’s a street fighter. He doesn’t fight aliens. He fights other street fighters. Super heroes don’t kill their enemies – Goku does (even though they have a tendency to come back in a different form). Super heroes are self-motivated children in lycra/rubber with mummy issues and an inability to learn from mistakes who might save your life if they can stop whining about the death of their significant other (which they were ultimately responsible for) for five full minutes. Ryu would kick your arse.

  3. Godzilla, probably Japan’s most famous super hero/super villain (depending on which movie you are watching), is just a lizard that got irradiated spider-man style.

    Ironman invented the technology that makes his suit run and built his suit himself, and that took plenty of “training”, just in a different discipline.

    Goku was superhuman to begin with, and Ryu obviously has magic (no amount of physical training will allow a human to throw fire from his hands).

    Claiming batman’s epic training back story is not a huge part of what make him special and giving all the credit to his gadgets (which he built himself for the most part, so see ironman above) is lame.

    I’ll agree that superman did not earn shit. He was just born special, kind of like Astro Boy, the original Japanese super hero.

    I do not think the “lucky back story” vs the “earned back story” is owned by any one culture.