Protecting Your Privacy [Comic]


For those of you who aren’t aware of what this comic is about, read this enlightening post on The New Yorker.

[Source: Joy Of Tech]

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  1. See…and here’s that sticky issue of “consent” again. People seem very confused about this issue. If I want to put all my business out there, it’s my business so I can. It’s my choice. Having the NSA steal it without my knowledge or consent is an entirely different issue. (And, even given that some random person does this, there are still going to be things said in e-mail, chat, text and phone calls that will NOT be put on social networking sites.)
    So, while the comic makes a point about putting all your business out there and how silly it sounds, it misses THE point about the outrage at the NSA taking that information.

    • “The guilty flee where no man pursueth”, “The innocent have nothing to worry about”… but that doesn’t mean I want everyone and their dog reading my email to my lover, or my bank statements, or… This is really something that needs to be squashed and squashed hard right now before it becomes a precedent.

  2. Keep track of enough law & police blogs/sites and you’ll soon see that the innocent have much to worry about..

  3. Stupid cartoon misses the point completely, as the three commenters above have pointed out. All that drawing and writing in an attempt to be clever, and they still failed.

  4. The saddest part is that there are actually people out there, like this “Nitrozak and Snaggy” who actually believe the BS in the above cartoon. And that, my friends, is perhaps the scariest and most dangerous thing.

  5. It’s a little late to undo what’s been done. As reprehensible as it is, this does offer a golden opportunity for the US Gubbament. All of that data has value. Significant value. Perhaps they should consider selling it and using the funds to pay down the national debt, fund education programs, fix the VA benefit system, and provide health care to those who need it.

  6. Dear American Public,

    While we have been collecting information on you far longer than you’ve been alive, we’ve also disposed of far more of said information than you think we’ve kept because, frankly, you’re not that interesting and definitely not that important.

    Sincerely, the NSA

    [Cue image of millions of bruised egos screaming, “What do they mean I’M ‘not that important’?! Why I ought’a…!!!!!!”]

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