Featured Sci-Fi Short: Silicon; BootDrive [Video]

It’s the year 2015.
A meteor collided with the Earth and changed human race.
“How were we created? Why do we live? And where are we headed?
I wanted to know. And that’s why I’m here. ~David Craws~”

[Source: A.T. | Via Kuriositas]


3 Responses to Featured Sci-Fi Short: Silicon; BootDrive [Video]

  1. Production value is pretty good… but the acting makes it really hard to get through to the end.. cringe factor 99%

  2. Agreed on the comments above. Someone should have replaced these actors before they shot the piece. Someone should have rewritten it too – this is the perfect example of pure exposition. But obviously, the short is really about the sets and effects, which were very cool.

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